As fashion Week kicks off, the entire industry gears up with their respective preparations. Fashion designers are editing down and tightening up final looks for their presentations, Editors are marking calendars, previewing collections, and readying ideas for editorials, Stylists are considering award season, premieres, promos, and paparazzi, and bloggers are planning their outfits. Makeup artists are likely organizing their kits, and producers are are down to the tiniest details. These are the Facemakers of this industry, and I am all too familiar with the chaos of Fashion Month, here’s a little peek:

What about the models? After-all, they do play a rather integral part in displaying the fresh new crop of trends.

I had an opportunity to speak with some of the Modeltestants from season 2 of Oxygen’s model-search reality show, The Face. We talked show prep, personal style, and the experience of being mentored by supermodels.

Felisa, Allison, and Alana compete for the title of The Face and a year-long contract with a luxury hair care brand, Frederic Fekkai. Unlike other shows similar in nature, The Face divides 12 “Modeltestants” into teams of three, each lead by supermodel coaches. Executive Producer, Naomi Campbell is accompanied by Anne V & Lydia Hearst to lead 12 beauties vying for supermodel status to their destiny.

So how do these Modeltestants prep? Well you could expect the typical responses like dieting and skin upkeep, Allison Millar revealed her most important goal prior to fashion week is not getting sick, as she seems to have experienced all too often during previous fashion weeks.

Most of the models interviewed were relatively new to the industry and hadn’t experienced enough to have preparation regimens, so we moved on to style. Yes, models are tasked with the arduous duty of prancing around donning luxurious art from the mind of the world’s most coveted designers, but in 2014, there’s the sartorial element of the “model off-duty”. So, what do these ladies favor?

Alana is all about color, bold color; and making statements with color blocking. Allison wants to experiment with proportion these days, mentioning her new love for voluminous mini skirts and thigh high socks, while Felisa prefers the New York classic layered black.

As for The Face and their experience competing, I asked the girls about the criticism received, and surprisingly, the unanimous response was there wasn’t much of it, which I must say is a bit refreshing to hear. “As far as criticism, I feel like we really didn’t get a lot of it” Allison responded. “No one was really saying you’re, one thing or the other.” The relationship between contestants seemed rather zen as well, which is quite impressive considering how tv tends to lean in favor of depicting women as catty when gathered under one roof.

“I think the hardest part is trying to measure up to the standards of super models. They want you to perform well and honestly you have to bring it all.” says Alana, describing the overall experience. She continues, “The harshest part is having to go to sleep late. Getting three or four hours of sleep and then the next day just bringing yourself to the table and making sure you do good.”

Felisa agreed with Alana and Allison’s sentiments, saying there was less about critiquing, and more about helpful suggestions for improvement offered, which is exactly what one girl looked forward to going into the show. “The reason I went on the show was actually because I wanted the criticism and I wanted to find out for myself what my biggest problem is and why I’m not a super model quite yet.” She expressed, continuing, “But I never learned so much in my entire life.”

Oxygen’s The Face returns for a second season on Wednesday, March 5 at 10pm ET/PT, click to peep the preview below:

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Oxygen’s The Face through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Oxygen’s The Face, all opinions are my own.

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